Brave is a web browser that treats each user as a human rather than a “product.” It was developed by Brendan Eich, one of the original developers of the iconic Mozilla browser, and aims to go far beyond Firefox in terms of protection and privacy while maintaining its speed and ease of use.

Brave, which is based on open-source software, is totally free to download (and commits to remain so for the foreseeable future). It’s still ad-free, which is what you’d expect from a stable browser.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons to ditch your current web browser and use Brave Browser.

1. BraveShield: Zero ads and trackers

brave shield up

How would it be like, to use a web browser that has all ads and trackers blocked by default?
The ad codes, the tracking codes, retargeting pixels and other scripts are disabled by default, on Brave browser. The BraveShield feature on the Brave browser helps block and disable ads being served on the website’s users and let them access just the content, fast. 

brave shield down

2. Brave Rewards: Earn with Brave Rewards

brave rewards

What if you could earn by using a web browser, just like using it on any other day? Brave Browser lets users earn from crypto by enabling the Brave Rewards program Brave Rewards pays the users in Brave Attention Token or BAT, an Ethereum based crypto-token built for content creators online. BAT is currently being traded online on crypto exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, Uphold etc and is trading around $1 per token. Check the BAT price here.

brave ads

Users can earn BAT by viewing ads they choose to view, in the form of notifications or the non-invasive background images on opening new tabs.

3. More privacy online

Staying private and anonymous online has seen relevance more than ever, in recent times. Brave Browser has a TOR enabled Private Mode that lets users route their traffic through the TOR network. TOR Network is a globally distributed, secure network relays with more than 7000 nodes, and the traffic routed through the network passes through multiple relays and makes it near impossible to track.

The TOR based Private Mode can be enabled in a click and the users get to access a more private, browser that has the power of TOR, while not compromising on the website functionalities, unlike other privacy browsers like The TOR Browser which blocks a majority of the website scripts to help the user stay anonymous. 

4. Brave Creators: Monetize your content with Brave

If you are a content creator, this could be your reason to make the switch from your current web browser to Brave browser. Brave Rewards Creators Program helps content creators add another monetization channel to their content platforms, powered by the BAT network.

The followers on Brave browser can identify Brave Verified Creators with a blue tick next to the Brave Rewards icon, and send tips to their favourite content creators. 

brave creators

The tips can be accepted in BAT or Brave Attention Token, which can later be traded using Uphold Wallet connected to your Brave Rewards account and used to convert to other cryptocurrencies or make payments online, wherever they’re accepted. Our team at DigitalJudas converts it to BTC. Maybe you should too. Check the BAT price here.

5. Brave Together: Free audio and video calls over Brave

brave together 2

This is the latest feature added to an already awesome web browser that values your time and privacy. With Brave Together, users can make high quality, secure, audio and video calls, without any additional plugins or installations. All that’s required is, to have  Brave Browser installed on both devices, and you’re good to go. 

brave together 1

BONUS: Brave Search: The privacy-focused search engine

Here’s a bonus reason for you to make the switch today.

Brave Browser and Brave Software has long stood for the user’s privacy and a clutter-free browsing experience. Brave is now coming up with a privacy-focused search engine, Brave Search, to help the users get a more private search experience, without being targeted by ads, and enabling users to get access to the information they want.

brave search

Brave Search is now on an invite-only mode of access. Get yourself a spot on the waitlist, where you get to access the whole new search experience before it goes public. 

Wrapping Up

Brave browser, unlike its peers, is a fast, secure, web browser that respects user’s privacy and browsing experience. It uses much fewer system resources than other browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera etc. Providing the ad-free browsing experience to its users, Brave Browser lets users reclaim their time by focusing on things that matter, instead of getting distracted by ads. It pays the users to view ads they choose to view, provides a private browsing experience while adding multiple features that add value to every user.

What are you waiting for? 

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