How to write blog posts for more traffic

Congratulations on starting your blog!

You are looking for a way to write your way to build a brand and start earning online. You are in pursuit of the freedom of earning online. Blogging can be a legitimate way to build a personal brand and earn online.

To get to that point where your blog pays you, it takes a lot of hard work and patience to build your brand and make people read your content.


As a beginner, here are some things to be taken care of and feature in your posts. Address these queries to create better posts.

1. Who you are

You are taking your baby steps into blogging and is relatively unknown on the internet and the blog verse. For people to read your blog, like your content, trust you and add you to their list of bookmarks, they will need to know who you are and what your expertise is in.

Tell your audience the following and make sure they understand who you are:

– Who you are, as a person and as a blogger.
– If it is your first post, mention why you blog
– What are the experiences, motives that made you and keeps you blogging

People trust you more if they are used to you and your content. The more eager your readers are to read your content, it’s time to build on the trust you gained. (It works just like your muscle memory. Want to try it? Try changing the positions of daily driver app icons on your phone and navigate on your phone).

For your readers to trust you, make sure you don’t become the strange person dishing out content. For personal blogs, make sure your photo is added.

To sum it up, to gain the trust of your readers and to grow your follower base, present yourself as who you are, why you are blogging, and why they should trust and follow you.

2. Why you are blogging

Telling your readers why your blog is really important. Why would a random reader trust you if you do not know the why of what you are doing?

Always keep the audience in mind while creating any piece of content.

While creating content, ask the following to yourself:

– Why should a reader visit my blog?
– Will I be providing what the reader is looking for?
– What value does the blog provide for the reader?

Get these clear and you are on your way to gaining the trust of your readers.


This might sound something exactly like the previous question but gives a different perspective to your blog. This step becomes easier once the previous question is addressed.

Make it clear to your readers, of what to expect from your blog.
Another way of getting readers hooked to your blog is to have something unique in your blog that might make a reader follow and wait for your content.

This is important. Make sure your blog doesn’t become that generic blog with content based on almost every topic under the sun. Pick a niche, sub-niche or micro-niche within, to focus on. This helps in placing yourself among the so-called expert bloggers who can help the readers by creating authoritative content that can be trusted. Better be the master of a trade than be the jack of all. 


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4. Who your target audience is

Be it your first or 1000th post, always keep in mind who the target audience is.

Things to watch out for:

– Who your target audience is
– Features of those in your target audience (it could be people having a multitude of behaviours. Digital Judas is lazy)

Make it a point to make your reader feel that you feel their pain points and sincerely empathize with them about it. That is your first step to position yourself as the trusted figure who understands their problems and make them feel welcome.

Emotional plays/stories do well to connect with your readers.

5. How to get your audience involved

Right from the beginning, let your readers know that it is perfectly fine to get involved and interact with you.

Here are three ways you can do that:
– Enable comments
– Being open for guest posting
– Having a simple way for your readers to contact you with their questions, complaints or suggestions

Be open to reader feedback and make it clear that you are open for reader interaction. Let them know that you are open to disagreements just like you are to positive feedback.

Make sure a reader can share their disagreements with you just like you encourage them for the positive feedback. It helps in building trust and ensuring reader loyalty. People follow those bloggers who they feel, could help them.

Being open and available for interaction does not mean you stay online round the clock. Let your readers know how and when it’s best to contact you.



Starting a blog is an achievement and you just accomplished that. If your posts address the questions discussed in this post, then you are on the right track.

Position yourself as a passionate blogger who knows what he blogs about and let your readers know.

Make sure your content doesn’t exude a phoney vibe that turns off a majority of readers. Don’t be that blogger who is trying too hard.

Let your readers know that you are open to help them with topics related to your fields of expertise.

What are the things you make sure your blog has while writing content for your blog? Let me know in the comments below!


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