How to measure lead quality and traffic sources on WordPress with Google Analytics

Lead generation is among the most important aspects of digital marketing that has a visible impact on the end client or the business owner. It can be done using multiple methods like search, social media, lead magnets, and much more. It shows the effectiveness of digital marketing efforts by the marketer.

Does the number of leads acquired, ensure sales?

The number of leads acquired is for sure a metric that shows results, but the lead quality is another important factor that affects the conversion rates or probability for a business.

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What is lead quality?

Lead quality is a factor that shows digital marketers and business owners the probability of a lead becoming a customer. The quality of a lead is based on a variety of factors like the lead generation methods used and the products being sold to the target customers. Having a lead list of 1000 leads is a great thing. The conversion prospects of those leads will be minimal if the majority are bad or low-quality leads that might not convert or are not interested in the product or service being sold. Provided the leads generated have a good mix of good and bad leads, nurturing them the right way can bring more conversions, with proper lead ranking.

Leads can be rated and qualified based on the actions taken by them. Actions could be any relevant action taken by the target customer. The actions can be but not limited to:
– A freebie download
– A promo code redemption
– Certain page visit
– or any other lead magnet redemption.

A lead who has availed the lead magnet like digital downloads or others will be more interested in the service than someone who does not complete the relevant actions.

How can lead quality be measured?

  1. Tracking Downloads

    If your lead magnet has a free or paid download, tracking the downloads is a great way to measure the lead quality. On WordPress, it can be easily done using . Installing and activating the plugin makes download tracking possible since the feature is available on the plugin out of the box.

To track the downloads, the event for downloads can be selected and tracked.

The leads can be rated and qualified based on the action taken and this is an important step in the lead ranking process. The process of lead ranking is essential to nurturing your leads so that the efforts are not wasted to nurture irrelevant leads. Relevant leads will be more engaged and interested in availing of the product or service being offered.

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2. Key page visit
Tracking page visits is an important step in the lead ranking and nurturing process. If a lead has visited the pages that have relevant information regarding the product or service on offer, it means that the person is interested in the offering and is currently researching it.

Such leads will have better prospects of conversion if nurtured and moved further down the funnel.

Other benefits of tracking based on important page visits are:

The visitor’s interaction with the page can be used to gain insights into user behavior and those can be used for remarketing via Facebook ads or Google ads.

On-page retargeting:
On-page retargeting is the process of retargeting visitors on the website and the pages they visit, using pop-ups, opt-ins, and other modes to make them take action. helps with tracking page visits based on Google Analytics, on WordPress.

3. Form Submission

A person submits contact information on a website or form when there is a purchase intent or at least when the person is actively considering the product or service on offer. Form submissions are a good way to track Google Analytics as a metric for lead quality. MonsterInsights can help with that by bringing Google Analytics to the WordPress dashboard. Form submission can be added as an event to be tracked and those events when combined with the lead activity, help with lead ranking based on the actions taken.

How to track lead sources?

Knowing where your leads come from is as important as knowing how good your leads are. Tracking your lead sources can help in multiple ways like, but not limited to:

– Identifying the gaping holes(read opportunities) on your website.
– Measuring the marketing campaign’s effectiveness
– Having a much deeper idea about your visitors
– Identifying better-performing channels and optimizing the website

How to track the traffic sources on your WordPress website?

Google Analytics is the most widely used analytics tool online. When it comes to WordPress and analytics, is the best plugin to go with. With improved integration with Google Analytics through Global Site Tag support, has improved in the number of features and the options available for the user.

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can be used to easily connect your WordPress website to Google Analytics. Here are some of the reports from that can help traffic the traffic sources or the sources from which leads are generated.

Overview Report

Overview report on is where you get a bird’s eye view of the traffic to your WordPress website. In this report, the Top 10 results from multiple attributes like traffic source, locations, the device from which the traffic originates, and much more can easily be viewed in a concise and organized manner.

traffic source Device Breakdown MonsterInsights
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Search Console Report

‘s Search console report shows keywords your website shows up on SERPs for, the click and impressions generated, the click-through rate, and much more. This report can be used to identify keyword opportunities to work on and create relevant content.

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eCommerce Report

has a great reporting tool that shows eCommerce conversion sources and ranks them based on the contribution of each source. Wouldn’t it be great to have a clear idea about who brings more sales and focus on the best channels?

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Page-wise traffic report

This is in addition to the overall traffic report on Google Analytics, which details the general traffic source and the traffic they bring in. This gives a brief and concise idea about what is what of traffic and where to focus on.

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The Page-wise traffic report on shows the traffic different pages of a website get. This helps in optimizing content accordingly and building more traffic to the relevant pages. By setting up the right secondary dimensions, further details can be collected.

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These are just some of the great features offered by to bring the power of Google Analytics to WordPress. Do sign up today for and test-drive the platform today!

Wrapping Up

With lead generation being done by digital marketers, for businesses, the quality of leads is gaining importance now over quantity, with more businesses going online and the competition rising. By implementing the proper lead generation methods and tracking mechanisms, the conversion probabilities can be improved. Better quality leads translate to more conversions and more revenue is among the best analytics plugins on WordPress and can help small businesses with just that.

Get the .

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