How to Install Google Analytics Global Site Tag on WordPress

In this digital age when everyone and everything is online, having an online presence is essential to growth and building a thriving business. Being online also means that a business has access to multiple platforms and tools to reach out to their customers in a much personal and deeper way. People in 2021, wake up to their eyes glued to their smartphones and go to bed, with blue light as their bedtime companion.

What better chance can businesses get to promote their products or services online? 

Having a strong presence on Search Engines and social media is among the first things to do for businesses taking their baby steps online. In this day and age, when people Google about every other thing, consistent and valuable content creation that provides real value to existing and target group customers can help in building trust and a strong brand presence online. Building a strong brand presence alone is not enough. The best part of being online and marketing/promoting your business online is the measurability of results and being able to make data-driven decisions to make changes to your online strategy that could help drive conversions.

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For brands with a good online presence, and providing real value to their customers,  measuring their performance online is of great importance. What good is data if cannot be used for decision making? There are multiple tools and platforms available on the market, to track, measure, analyse and report the metrics to its users. For web search-related data, Google and Bing have their Search Console and Webmaster consoles respectively. Facebook lets you track and retarget users with its Pixel integration to the website/app. For traffic-related data analysis, Google has the most widely used platform, Google Analytics that gives a complete overview of website/app analytics. 

For businesses to build their websites, there are various options available today, as website builders, web development platforms and much more. Platforms like WordPress, Weebly, Wix, Sitejet etc are used by customers all over the world and WordPress is the most popular choice among them. WordPress is an open-source CMS(Content Management System) that helps users build websites easily and for free, and powers about 35% of all websites on the internet. 

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How to implement analytics if you are on WordPress?
What is Google Analytics Global Site Tag?
How to install Google Analytics Global Site Tag MonsterInsights on WordPress?

How to implement analytics if you are on WordPress?

If you are a business owner using WordPress and would like to add an analytics tool to your website to track the metrics, Google Analytics would be a great tool to choose from. Google Analytics makes its integration with any platform a breeze with its Global Site Tag or gtag.js.

What is Google Analytics Global Site Tag?

Google Analytics Global Site Tag is a simple piece of code that is to be added to the code of a website or app that makes it easy to measure and track the performance of a website or app. Integrating Google Analytics Global Site Tag made easy on WordPress by analytics plugins like MonsterInsights or Exactmetrics.

Setting up the Google Analytics Global Site Tag the usual way involves visiting your Google Analytics dashboard, grabbing the gtag.js code from there, opening the code editor on your website and adding the code properly, in the right place, without any errors. Sounds easy?

It’s easy if you are tech-savvy and have experience doing it. If not, improper code installation could create issues with the code. That’s where plugins like MonsterInsights come into play, making analytics integration and other tracking easy, from within the WordPress dashboard. It is one of the best Google Analytics plugins on WordPress

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How to install Google Analytics Global Site Tag MonsterInsights on WordPress?

Google’s new tracking code, Google Analytics Global Site Tag or gtag.js allows users to send website data to multiple tools by Google. This provides flexibility, wide integration options and much deeper insights into the website metrics and performance.

gtagjs monsterinsights
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MonsterInsights has made Google Analytics Global Site Tag or gtag.js the default tracking code for tracking on WordPress, thereby making the integration and account connection process easy.

Once the account is connected to MonsterInsights, flick the button to enable Google Analytics Global Site Tag or gtag.js as the tracking mode. Let MonsterInsights handle the heavy lifting for you.

Wrapping Up

In the decade when data is the new oil, having a great understanding of how your online assets are performing and how to improve the performance is getting relevant by the day. When WordPress is helping small businesses get a foothold online by enabling them with web tools, platforms like MonsterInsights is bringing analytics closer to the user and making it easy to understand.
When the world is moving at lightspeed, staying relevant is based on the decisions you make for your business and such platforms help business owners make data-driven, informed decisions to boost the business online.

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