How to: Improve page speed on WordPress

For any blogger or affiliate marketer, their website is the most essential and among the important platforms for their revenue growth. A well designed, fast loading website is crucial if you are a blogger and use it to drive revenue/profits. The ever-changing Google algorithm updates and users going mobile has led to Google and other search engines giving preference to mobile-optimized websites over the ones that are not.

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Mobile responsiveness and site speed are among the key ranking factors considered by search engines. The longer it takes for a website to load, the lesser are the chances of a conversion happening on the website. The average page load times have greatly come down since Google introduced Pagespeed Insights and started focusing on page load times of websites. Webmasters, bloggers, affiliate marketers and anyone who has an online presence and is trying to generate revenue online, are focusing now on the site speed of their websites since it is one of the major factors that could make a dent in the revenue.

Having a fast loading website can help with better SERP positions.

MonsterInsights is an analytics tool that has been around for a long time, on WordPress as a plugin. More than 2000000 businesses have been using MonsterInsights to monitor their websites, analyze the traffic and optimize their websites for increasing revenue. 

MonsterInsights has now rolled out its latest update, MonsterInsights 7.14 with Site Speed Report.

The latest version has a site speed report to track how fast your website loads and optimise accordingly, and the Year In Review Report feature that lets the users review how their optimization efforts fared and what all can be optimized on the website. Isn’t it great to check the results of your work and feel happy at the great outcomes of your effort? 

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What’s new in MonsterInsights version 7.14?

The best part is the Site Speed Report that lets you monitor and measure how fast your website is loading, for your visitors. The site speed is represented by an aggregate score of multiple factors.

Besides the score, here are a few of the factors that are being considered:

FCP or First Contentful Paint: First Contentful Paint or FCP is the time taken by the website to load the visual components like images, animation and fonts.

Server Response Time: is the time taken by your server to respond to the client request and display the website by returning the data.

Time to Interactive: Time to Interactive or  TTI is the time between the website loading and the time taken to be ready for user interaction, like navigating to other pages or browsing through the content.

And much more. Get a sneak peek of MonsterInsights here.

Apart from measuring and reporting the data, MonsterInsights also gives feedback and suggestions on action to be taken based on the data presented.

In version 7.14, MonsterInsights become better equipped to provide the users with much filtered and concise data in a structured and detailed format, helping users make necessary optimizations and improve the page load times and their rankings in the long run.

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Image credits: MonsterInsights

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