How to: Grow your email list fast and easy

Email Marketing is an indispensable part of digital marketing for any business that wishes to reach out to its customers on a personal level. In no other form of marketing can a business or a brand reach out to a customer as deep as email marketing. You get right to their inbox, which they access daily and care about. Other forms of digital marketing require people to be driven to the medium where the business is marketing its product or service. 

email marketing campaign sendinblue integration with wpforms

The best part of email marketing is that there are people who are interested in the product/service or the niche the business is in. An email list containing the email addresses of people who have already subscribed means a business already has access to a target customer group, which is well past the phase where the customer attention is to be grabbed. The more diverse an email list gets and is filtered and compiled properly, the more targeted will the email campaigns be for a business that targets its customers on email.

There are multiple ways to collect customer email addresses these days. Many opt-in tools, forms, landing page builders, popup tools and others or even chatbots are put to use, to collect emails which are the most important components in email marketing. Once you have their email and as long as they are not spammed, emails are among the best ways to reach out to a target customer group that’s already interested in the product or service that’s offered. There are multiple email marketing tools that make email marketing easy, like Aweber, Moosend, Drip, Constant Contact, SendFox, SendinBlue, MailChimp etc. 

Collecting the email addresses is easy when using a landing page built with platforms like Instapage, Landingi or Unbounce, etc is easy since all it takes is adding a simple block to the page. Things are different if you are on WordPress. WPforms is a great WordPress plugin that lets users create simple contact forms to collect user data, on WordPress. With WordPress powering about 35% of the entire websites on the internet, and the sheer reach of the platform, WPforms has enough takers and powers countless contact forms of tens of thousands of WordPress websites.

What if you could collect emails and connect them to your email marketing software?

Yes, you can do it now with the latest SendinBlue integration with WPforms. SendinBlue is one of the leading email marketing software in the market. With the new WPforms integration, it has the easier to collect visitor emails and use it for email marketing. What used to take some effort and a lot of time, by collecting email on WPforms and manually adding them to your Sendinblue email list, can now be done in a jiffy, by integrating SendinBlue and WPforms on your WordPress website or landing page.

Want to know how? Here’s how you can get it done!

The SendinBlue addon on WPforms now lets you add, remove or unsubscribe users from the email lists. It’s as easy as creating a smart contact form and start collecting emails from day one, connecting it all to your email list.

Our team has been actively using WPforms for the past few years and this integration came as a huge relief to an issue we used to face with data migration.

How to install SendinBlue addon?

  1. Install the WPforms plugin on your website and ensure it’s activated.
  2. Verify your license
  3. Navigate to the Addons option under the WPforms menu on the WordPress dashboard.
  4. Search for SendinBlue on the search box for addons.
  5. Install the SendinBlue addon.
WPForms addons page
Search bar for addons

Please note that SendinBlue integration is available on WPforms Plus license or higher plans.

How to connect SendinBlue account to WPforms? 

1. Click on the SendinBlue addon from the Addons option.

2. Click on Add New Account

API setting in Sendinblue 1

3. Visit your SendinBlue account and grab your API key. Find it under the SMTP & API option from the menu.

4. Enter the API key and add a nickname when prompted.

Sendinblue api key add

5. Click on Connect to SendinBlue button to complete the connection. 

Account connected in sendinblue

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How to add SendinBlue integration to forms?

1. Once the SendinBlue account is connected, it can be integrated either into a new form or an existing one.

2. Click on the Marketing tab on the WPforms menu and navigate to the SendinBlue option.

Add new sendinblue connection

3. Click on Add a New Connection button

4. Enter the name of that specific connection.

5. Select the SendinBlue account and action.

6. Setup the relevant fields as per campaign requirements and map them accordingly.

7. If there are custom fields in the form, connect those to the relevant SendinBlue fields.

sendinblue custom fields

8. Once the configuration is done, Save the form.

Still have doubts? Try watching this video

Wrapping up!

Now that your WPforms contact forms and SendinBlue are connected, it’s your chance to collect emails and run email campaigns with ease. Craft a conversion driving email with the right CTAs and great copy, and blast those emails with the among the industry best email delivery from SendinBlue. Get to those inboxes and start converting today. 

Happy Sales!!

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