How to get a FREE domain, website, and hosting


I’ll show you how to make a website and host it for free in this article.
Also included is a quick summary of business emails. This is for beginners who want to try their hand at building websites, hosting, and a few other things. You may now be thinking if this is a hoax. Right? So, in order to create a website, we’ll need two items.

  1. Domain
  2. Service of hosting

A domain name is a simple name that we use to identify a website.

When our website is published, the hosting provider provides a space for it to be seen on the internet.

We usually purchase top-level domain and hosting services for our website for reputable brands and business purposes. Godaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost, Hostringer, Big Rock, and others are a few hosting providers with a variety of plans from which you can select the best one for your company. Normally, a single website with 30 GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth would cost around $2,000 per year on a beginning plan. The cost of a domain varies. It could be in the range of 400 to 600 per year.

Now we’ll go over how to make a free website and domain, as well as how to direct your domain to your web hosting account.


Go to to learn more.

Check the availability of your domain name by typing it in. TheGoodLife is my recommended domain name. Let me see if it’s still available!


The domain extensions are .tk, .ml, and .ga. We can see that the domain name .tk has already been taken. As a result, I’m going Make your selection and go to the checkout. You can now pick between a three-month free trial or a 12-month free trial, after which you must pay. After that, you must confirm your email address. You will receive an email, which you must verify by clicking the link in it.

Select My Domains from the Services menu. This is where you’ll locate the domain you just created. So now that we’ve completed the first stage, we’ll move on to free hosting.

Note: The Freenom domain is available for free, however there are certain restrictions. The following is a list of potential restrictions.

  1. You’re not the domain owner.
  1. You cannot protest if your domain is withdrawn at any moment because you did not pay for it.,.ga,.ml, and other extensions are commonly exploited by scammers. Although not every site using these extensions is a scam, the vast majority of them are. For business and educational purposes, always use top-level domains, the best of which You must pay for good domains!

4. It’s tough to find websites with these domain extensions in search results.

These free domains are ideal for students who want to experiment with hosting and construct a website for free.


Now that we have a domain, we need to own a space so that when we publish our website, it will be visible on the internet.

Go to

Sign up for free account. This is a free website hosting platform. It is a Hostingers partner and provides numerous free features. 000webhost is one of the best free hosting services available. You can upgrade it to get more features, and it will then become the paid version.

000webhost Advantages

  1. Consistent Performance
  2. 99% uptime : uptime is the amount of time the system is operational. The paid version has a 99.9% uptime.
  3. 1500 MB disk space: This equates to 1.5 GB of free space. It’s a good amount of space for small websites and landing pages.
  4. Bandwidth: 100 GB data transfer, which is sufficient.
  5. Cpanel: 000webhost offers Cpanel as a control panel, which is the best and is used by many of the top paid hosting providers.
  6. PHP-MYSQL: It now supports the latest PHP version.
  7. FTP support
  8. You can send up to five business emails.
  9. You have the option of creating two websites.
  10. Controls two databases.

Register for your free account and verify using your e-mail address.


Go to set web address. Here you have two options, either use your own domain or buy a domain. We already own a domain in freenom. so go with your own domain.

We must first comprehend a fact before entering the domain name. Assume I choose a domain and hosting service from the same company. It will be simple for me to develop and publish a website. However, if I choose a domain from one provider and hosting from another, there are a few things I need to accomplish before I can start building a website. The domain must be linked to the hosting account. To do so, we’ll need to update the domain’s name servers. You can see two name-servers in the section, right? and Copy them and paste them into the domain’s nameservers in freenom. It’s simple. To go step by step, follow the procedures below:

In Freenom, go to services-mydomains:

Select Manage Domain from the drop-down menu.

Select name-servers from the administrative tools menu. Choose custom name-servers and paste the 000webhost name-servers into them.

Finally, at the bottom, click Change Name Servers. Go to 000webhost now. Fill enter your domain name. ( and select domain parking. Congratulations, your domain and host are now linked.

Next, go to and create your website.

Go to the upper left corner and select the option to establish a website. You’ll find three alternative approaches to construct your website here.

  1. online website builder (simply create a website): You don’t need any coding experience to participate. Simply make changes to the template and publish it.
  2. WordPress: You’ll need some coding skills, as well as plugins and a variety of other skills.
  3. Create your own website: Create your own template and upload it.

We can now move on to the online website builder.

Choose and modify a template.

After you’ve finished tweaking the template. To publish, simply click the publish button.

You are now free to visit your website, and the operation is complete! Yippeeee!

Note: Because you are not the domain owner and the website is not funded, it may be deleted at any time! You can’t ask for an explanation for something you haven’t paid for.


In 000webhost, you may add up to five business emails.

To manage your emails, go to:

Create a new document by clicking the Create button. Type your desired email address (for example, as the forwarding address, and correspondence sent to will be routed to your email address, where you can respond.

Let us now look at some of 000webhost’s disadvantages.

  1. Sometimes your website will be taken down without warning, claiming that you have broken certain terms.
  2. They don’t have an SSL certificate available. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, which is a standard security protocol for establishing a connection between a web server and a browser. This leads to a lack of security and an increased risk of information leakage. It would be simple to hack.
  3. It naps for one hour every day. During this time, the website will not be available.


We learned how to make a website for free. You’ve learned about name-servers and park domains. I hope you can now start working on a new paid website. Comment below if you have any new thoughts or questions about this topic.

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