How to accept payments on WordPress forms

WordPress, the world’s largest content management website, is increasingly being used for running businesses and reaching out to your customers.

A safe and secure payment platform is needed for the smooth running of your website, and to provide a hassle-free service to your customers.

WPForms is a great way to create forms and surveys, an integral part of customer support, in your WordPress website. It is an easy-to-use plugin that is economical and provides a lot of help in creating forms on your website.

 Now, an added advantage is that they have introduced Authorize.Net, an easy-to-use payment gateway that can help a lot in keeping your website running smoothly. Authorize.Net is available in WPForms’ Elite license.

In these times of credit card fraud, a really secure payment gateway is imperative for the smooth running of the business and helps grow customer trust and satisfaction.

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Authorize.Net is a fully safe platform, that can greatly simplify the payment processes in your website. It is extremely easy to set up and is really simple to use too. A great feature is that you can have multiple users, which means that you can receive payments to multiple accounts.

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A user may be an account administrator, transaction manager, account analyst, or account contact. Each type of user has permissions, which can be changed at will.

What are the features of Authorize.Net?

Authorize.Net offers many tools and features for secure payments.

  1. Virtual Terminal

This brings together the details of credit cards, debit cards, and other payment methods in one place. The information needed to complete an online transaction can also be set here.

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2. Recurring Billing

Using this tool, users can be charged on a subscription basis. A dashboard allows you to see the expiring subscriptions and their details.

3. Customer Information Report

Get all information, including credit card details of all customers, in one place.

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4. Invoicing

You can send an invoice by email to your customers. A custom form can be created, including all the information you will send to the user.

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5. Fraud Detection

Perhaps the best and most useful feature is the fraud detection system that Authorize.Net has.

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Various filters like daily velocity filter, hourly velocity filter, and transaction IP velocity filter are available, allowing you to detect fraudsters. These filters can be configured and activated at will.

Other useful fraud detection features like address verification and card code verification are also available

Reports in Authorize.Net

Detailed reports on settled or declined transactions are available in the ‘Reports’ tab.

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You can categorize these reports based on the settlement date and transaction date.

Various statistics pertaining to the transactions are also available here.

The details on returns are another bonus feature. Transaction details are available for returns, based on transaction date and transaction ID.

When hundreds or thousands of transactions are completed, finding the details of one of them is really difficult. However, has a dedicated transaction Search tab, which greatly simplifies this task.

There are several filters available to search, and a combination of all these can help you find the details of the required transaction without much trouble.

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The fraud detection feature mentioned earlier classifies certain transactions as ‘suspicious transactions’. These can also be viewed in the ‘Transaction Search’ tab.

Integrating Authorize.Net with WPForms

Another great feature is that you can customize your payment forms with WPForms, which provides great tools for design and convenience.

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Authorize.Net provides customer support round the clock, should you have any queries regarding their product. There is also a live chat option. Articles are available on WPForms’ blog about the proper usage of the Authorize.Net add-on.

Authorize.Net is an easy and powerful payment gateway used by over 430,000 businesses across the globe. Use WPForms and Authorize.Net to revolutionize your business.

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