Coupon Popup Hacks to Boost Your Business

Coupon codes are so irresistible. They help to save a lot on your shopping. Just the sight of a newly unlocked coupon code is enough to make our day!

Unsurprisingly, coupon codes can also be used to increase your sales. By providing them with coupon codes, you would be helping them, and at the same time, you can also drive your sales.

This is exactly what ‘coupon marketing’ does, and the right tool for that is OptinMonster.

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OptinMonster is the best tool you need to convert and monetize your website traffic. You can revolutionize your online business with this great service.

Coupon Marketing on OptinMonster

While OptinMonster is a great tool for your website, one of its unique features is the way in which it helps in your coupon marketing.

You can make targeted sales, by offering the right coupons to the right people at the right time.

OptinMonster uses advanced targeting features, helping you to ensure that maximum sales are completed, with many more happy customers.

The greatest advantage is that these coupons will work on any website, irrespective of the content management system you use.



It’s extremely simple to build your coupon campaign with OptinMonster. They have a very simple drag-and-drop builder.

You can choose from over 30 templates to create your coupon campaign or design your own using OptinMonster’s Canvas technology.

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The campaign editor has a wide range of font sizes, font styles, and font colors to make your coupons look more attractive. You can also add images from OptinMonster’s library. If you can’t find the right one there, OptinMonster has suggestions about which website you should pick your images from, for better conversion rates. You can choose from a number of background colors too.

You can add extra fields and buttons if you wish to.


You can decide what would happen if your users click on the button, using the ‘Success View’. You can copy the link to the user’s clipboard, or redirect them to another URL. OptinMonster also recommends sending the coupons by email. You’ll need to integrate your email service provider account with your OptinMonster account for this.

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You can also set the coupon code as the URL so that these coupon codes will be applied automatically when your users visit the websites to redeem them.

You will need to publish your coupon after designing the coupons. If you have a WordPress site, you may install OptinMonster’s WordPress plugin.

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The best way to make use of a coupon is by showing it to first-time users and also users who are leaving your website. OptinMonster lets you choose exactly when you want your coupons to be shown, with the ‘Display Rules’ tab.

You can set the exact no. of seconds after which the coupon will be shown.

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You can add a lot more display rules to your coupon. For example, you can choose to show a coupon on a particular date, at a particular time. You can also show coupons for first-time website visitors.

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Ecommerce is greatly simplified with these coupons. You can use ecommerce tools like WooCommerce and Shopify, for your coupons to get a better reach.

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So, providing coupon codes is really beneficial for your sales. And using OptinMonster is an extremely good way to get started on providing these coupons. Their plans start at just $9 a month.

The greatest feature of OptinMonster is that they offer a full refund up to 14 days of your purchase, no questions asked! So, join companies like Pinterest, American Express and McAfee in growing your sales leads with OptinMonster today!

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