Affiliate Baby Steps Bootcamp

What is Affiliate Baby Steps Bootcamp?

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Are you trying to learn affiliate marketing? ABS Bootcamp is to make your journey easy by simplifying and making affiliate marketing for beginners, easy.

Affiliate Baby Steps Bootcamp for beginners or ABS Bootcamp, is the first of the many Live workshop series by Digital Judas, for beginners.

At ABS Bootcamp, the focus will be on absolute beginners to get started with affiliate marketing and get a foothold at it. During the workshop, the attendees get a chance to learn more about affiliate marketing, build affiliate channels, drive traffic, and get things ready to start earning. By the time the workshop is over, we want to make affiliate marketing easy for beginners. The boot camp duration is 15 days long with the maximum duration being 20 days. The 1 to 1 support will be available for the duration of your cohort.

The best part is, what if you could get hands-on training for just INR 5000?

What you will learn with ABS Bootcamp

Day 1: Affiliate Marketing Basics
Day 2: Getting started with building affiliate channels and digital assets
Day 3: Affiliate Marketing methods and promotions
Day 4: Affiliate Tracking
Day 5: Traffic Generation
Day 6: More avenues to make you money!
Day 7: Wrap up, Website Review, and Grand QnA Session

The remaining days will be dedicated to getting started and putting the learnings to work.

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